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Your brand is more than a pretty font or DIY logo that your cousin’s friend’s girlfriend created for your business.

Your business brand is your ambassador, sales person, and communications director. Maybe you’re thinking, “Um, there’s no way that a brand can do all that!”. And you’re right. Your run-of-the mill brand won’t bring in new customers or increase sales. That DIY logo you created? It served its purpose, but it’s time to throw away that low-rez image that somehow is still pixelated no matter how many “fixes” you attempt.

Frustrated or discouraged with your current branding?

You have inspiring business goals that will change your life, impact your community, and create your dream lifestyle. But if you’re honest with yourself, your brand is a pale shadow of your business that doesn’t communicate your passion and solutions. And it’s just not connecting with your audience.

Design in an Output of

Smart branding entrenched in strategy and wrapped in your values and philosophy will help you hit those bold goals that started out as a dream and scribble on a thin paper napkin.

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I’m Tara, and I use strategy-based design to help you and your customers fall in love with your branding. My formula isn’t rocket science but my extensive background in accounting does infuse a bit of nerdery, data-obsession, and color-coded spreadsheets to deliver a unique brand identity and strategy.

Ready to feel confident in your branding?
Tired of trying to do it all yourself?

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Whether you need a trusted advisor who’s already journeyed the path you’re on, ready to gain clarity on your brand identity and strategy, or desperately desire a new website that effectively communicates your brand, I have everything you need to launch your brand to the next level.

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