Featured: 17hats Small Business Planning for the New Year

It’s that time of year! Where you can practically smell the fresh and new in the air- or at least the HOPE for those as the calendar shifts. It’s January 5th- typically by now I would have done my deep dive of the prior year and have my year mapped out. However, having a little one puts a kink in what used to be my normal.

Even if I haven’t done my own current year planning, I DID share with Amanda from 17hats a bit of what I like to do! If you’ve been around a while you won’t be surprised to read I use a few techniques from my days as an auditor. I also share some of the fun things I do to celebrate the year that is wrapping up! Read the full interview here.

P.S. This year I have been selected to be an ambassador for 17hats! Click here for a bit more about why I chose this platform for my CRM and find a discount through my referral link!

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