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our story

I know first hand the unique challenges that come with being an entrepreneur within the military community. From the beginning in 2018, Olive Fox Design launched as an Etsy shop with the mission “to inspire and support military families”. While designing ornaments, printables and holiday cards to help loved ones connect over the miles, I was also focused on connecting with other members of the military community. 

Through these connections, I began to meet hard working milspo-entrepreneurs and veteran small business owners (like you!). Designing for these businesses, solidified my belief that entrepreneurship is a great way for high performers to achieve goals- even with the challenges that come with being in the military community.

A thriving small business not only changes the lives of entrepreneurs, but has a big impact on their families. So it’s not a stretch that we expanded our mission “to inspire and support military families and businesses”.

Let’s face it there is a lot a ton on your plate as you juggle family, TDYs, running a business, deployments and frequent moves. You don’t want to have subpar design. But you also don’t want to spend your limited time pouring over font books or pantone color swatches to get every detail just right. That’s where I will support you!

Through strategy and research, I create thoughtful and well crafted design that will attract and connect to your ideal customer. The end result is a powerful connection that will help your business thrive.

the story behind

our name

True to my style – I used a word mapping process (described in this blog post) to land on our perfect studio name. 

the spark notes:

olive = subtle army reference 
fox = clever, thoughtful + playful

olive fox design is built on

our values


From enjoying a walk with my husband to adjusting the spacing within a design- the little things matter. Each tiny decision adds up to create something stunning.


If you haven't noticed- I am a hard worker and know the importance of deadlines. If a trendy script isn't best for your brand- you can rely on me to be honest and tell you.


As a kid, I would drive my parents nuts by asking hundreds of questions a day. You could say my curiosity runs deep. I also love to share what I discover!


This military life teaches us to be pretty darn resilient. I bring that into my business by letting it evolve forward. I'm slowly learning change is good.

meet tara

a left brain milspouse in a right brain world

For as long as I can remember I have always felt the most comfortable when creativity came with a solid structure.  A decade of competitive cheerleading showed me the power of analysis combined with creativity. Where art meets science. I never seemed to quite fit in with the artsy crowd, but spent way to much  time making excel workbooks look pretty to fully embrace my nerdy accounting side.

Somewhere along the way this frustration turned into a source of strength. I realized a brain split between creativity and analysis is a great mix for a graphic designer. Graphic design is a space where art and science meet in a way that fits my nerdy brain and fuels my creative heart. 

I use the same skills I used as an auditor to dive into understanding what makes your business unique. From there instead of translating into figures in a report, I translate your message into stunning visuals. My ability to understand your business allows me to develop a custom strategy and design that resonates with your audience.

left brain


Gets super nerdy about processes, business tools, ROI, organization, and entrepreneurship.

right brain


Equally excited about sketches, art supplies, color selections, calligraphy, and doodles.

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