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Details add up

our philosophy

Here at Olive Fox Design, we believe in the power of details. Each tiny decision adds up to create a stunning visual story.

After years of competitive cheerleading, it was clear to me the difference between a good routine and a national champion caliber routine is the attention to detail. Years later, this philosophy is one that I carry with me in both my design work and everyday life.

We love to focus in on the details to create meaningful designs. Whether you are adding a personal touch to your military home or looking to make an impactful visual brand for your small business- Olive Fox Design has you covered.

Don't want to spend hours pouring over font books or pantone color swatches to get every detail just right? 

we’ve got you covered

OLIVE FOX DESIGN is a boutique studio focused on intentional design for military-owned small businesses and military families

welcome to

The Studio

While I like to refer to OFD as a studio, we are a mostly one woman shop. Our cat Willow will lay across the keyboard + dip her tail in the watercolors. My husband serves as a sounding board and military lingo checker (he likes this title- hah!). But at the end of the day – it’s me Tara running our creative business. 

While I would love to say this photo is from the studio- it’s a nice stock image. As a military family, we are used to making due with what we have. At this time the studio is our second bedroom, that is also home to my husband’s “extra” army gear. Why we need a full on snow kit / marshmallow suit in the heat of North Carolina is a military quirk I have yet to understand. To get behind the scenes access and catch a glimpse of our studio – follow us on instagram.

why olive fox?

the story behind

our name

true to my style – I used a word mapping process (described in this blog post) to land on our perfect studio name. 

the quick story
Olive = subtle army reference
Fox = clever, thoughtful + playful

OFD Hello2018

meet tara

Designer + owner

see also: milspouse, crafter, accountant, list lover + cat mama​

I’m Tara- a designer and artist for military families and businesses. Like so many other military spouses, I fell into entrepreneurship because I wanted to pursue my goals on my own terms.  I work with resilient, genuine, supportive people who appreciate the beauty in the details.

The most common feedback I receive is how I seem to have a deep understanding of my clients and just “get” my their visions. While I would love to say I have am a mind reader – really my secret is my curiosity. After more than 6 years working as an auditor, I have honed my analytical skills. Now I am able to combine my methodical ways with my creative side. The end result is a seamless design process start to finish.

Starting my day with locally roasted coffee beans made in my Chemex sets me up for success. Extra success on the days the bed gets made!
I love arranging words + typography, but I'm terrible at writing, grammar and punctuation. Thank goodness for spellcheck!
Whether it's exploring the local shop down the street or spending a weekend in Budapest- I love to get out and see the world.
I read all instructions and manuals. Yes... even the shampoo + conditioner bottles.
I'm not a celebrity or movie person. After three years together my husband and I have still not gone to the movie theater.
I read all instructions and manuals. Yes... even the shampoo + conditioner bottles.

facts + loves

OFD NC Watercolor

olive fox design is where

the army sends us

As a military family owned business, we bloom where the Army sends us. Olive Fox Design is currently based in Fort Bragg, North Carolina serving clients nationwide.

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OFD Q2 2019

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