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why Olive Fox Design?

My Mission

You’re kickin’ butt at life, you know that? You refuse to be deterred by setbacks that get between you and the vision for your life. Your business is not just a fun side hobby or a “check-in, check out” desk job. Instead, it’s the gateway to creating the life that you desire for yourself, your family, and your community. 

And it’s not always easy. You log countless hours, make daily unseen sacrifices, and have moments of doubt. But you refuse to give up. You dig in your heels (my current choice of footwear is hiking boots, and boy, do they have some scuff marks!) and become refined by the daily grind so you can ultimately create your values-based business and dream lifestyle.

I’m here to support you through it all. Olive Fox Design is grounded in strategy and research because a thoughtful and well-crafted design attracts and converts your ideal customer. The result? A powerful connection that helps your business, and ultimately, you, thrive.

my story

More Than A Pretty Logo

Hi, I’m Tara, founder of Olive Fox Design! 

I have always felt the most inspired when creativity came with a solid structure. A decade of competitive cheerleading showed me the power of analysis combined with creativity. Where art meets science. I never seemed to quite fit in with the artsy crowd, but I would spend way too much time making Excel workbooks look pretty to fully embrace my nerdy accounting side!

I turned this juxtaposition into a source of strength. I realized a brain split between creativity and analysis is a powerful mix for a brand designer. Design is a space where art and science infuse, and it fuels my creative heart while inspiring my strategic side. 

Years of being an auditor (yup! I was an auditor in my former life and actually have a Masters in Accountancy) gives me the insight to calculate what makes your business truly unique and how it can stand out from your competitors. Instead of translating figures into a report, I communicate your message into a stunning brand. 


I started Olive Fox Design in 2018 as an Etsy shop with the mission to inspire and support military families. As a military spouse, I aspire to help loved ones connect over the miles with personalized ornaments, printables, and holiday cards.

After connecting with hard working military spouse and veteran small business owners, I was privileged to have a first-hand look into the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship. And I realized that it was a beacon for a high performer such as myself to achieve a lifestyle more meaningful and satisfying than I ever imagined. 

While I’ve expanded way beyond designing printables for military families into brand strategy, website design, and more, my heart is always with milspo-entrepreneurs, go-getters, bold dreamers, and high-achieving business owners.


If you ever receive an email with a garbley-gook line at the bottom (you know… asdfa;sakja791sldkfjaie3), you can thank Willow the diva cat in the office. 

My favorite (and first pet ever!) fluff ball loves to collaborate with clients and will often jump in on a video call. She doesn’t have much stamina for meetings though and will crash in her bed at the corner of my desk. 

Willow fully embraces that work-life balance life with many long naps, play breaks throughout the day (champagne corks, anything with feathers, and little yarn balls are her jam), and insists on cuddles—but only if you have a soft blanket on your lap. 

She’s a ninja cat and will stealthily help herself to leftovers cooling on the counter. Oh, and you can catch her running towards the kitchen for her favorite snack when she hears that Pshhhshh noise from the whipped cream can. If you see her curious face popping up on a video call, say hello!

what guides every decision

Values + Ethos


They say variety is the spice of life, and with branding, it’s what makes your business resilient. Military life taught me the value of change. I help each client adapt to their ideal client and the branding landscape to keep your business evolving forward.


Hard work, hitting deadlines, and honesty are my jam. You can count on me to call it as it is! If a trendy script isn’t best for your brand, you bet I’ll tell you. I partner with each client for an open business relationship so we can both fall in love with the process and output.


Subtle changes can create massive ripple effects. My background in cheerleading, auditing, and ballet all taught me to capture the harnessed power of precision—for the little details create something magical. I pour my creativity and focus over each minuscule step required to bring your brand to life.


Curiosity is my compass in life and in business. As a kid, I would drive my parents nuts by asking hundreds of questions a day! Curiosity creates inspiration and knowledge, and I infuse both into every project.

the story behind

The Studio Name

True to my style – I used a word mapping process (described in this blog post) to land on our perfect studio name. 

the spark notes:

olive = subtle army reference 
fox = clever, thoughtful + playful

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