Annual Brand Housekeeping

I am not sure what time is anymore, 2021 was slow and fast all at once! As we (finally) hit refresh on the year, make sure you are setting your brand up for a successful year! Here are three quick brand housekeeping items to add to your January to-do list.

Update Website Footer Copyright Date

Keep in mind I am certainly not a lawyer. To help deter copyright infringement you probably have copyright text included within your footer. Make sure to update the year of publication if applicable to your brand.

Typically, this would get updated anytime you add substantial new material. Since I have areas of my site that are updated regularly (blog, resource toolkit, and portfolio), I kicked off the year by making sure my website footer reads “OLIVE FOX DESIGN, LLC © COPYRIGHT 2018-2022”

Change Your Booking Window

Having “now booking November 2021” will certainly turn new leads off. For my service-based folks, make sure you have updated your contact form, IG profile, website banner, or anywhere your availability is listed.

Align Your Annual Brand + Business Goals

If you’ve already made your 2021 goals, make sure to cross-reference between your other brand clarity items (click here for a refresher on brand clarity) and your goals. Be sure to ask yourself if the two align.

If not, dive deeper into where the disconnect is. For example, if the goal is to go all-in with one offering is this in alignment with balance as a brand value? It might be given how you’ve defined balance- the point is to perform a check to make sure!

I hope these were helpful tips! If you struggled with the last tip, reach out to me and see how we can partner together to create your brand strategy!

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