Strong + Inspiring Brand Design for Courageous Strength

The Contents

I am so happy that Suzy from Run Lift Mom Podcast, connected me with Glorygrace! To say that she is inspiring feels like an understatement.

Meet the Client

Glorygrace is a gold star spouse. For those not in the military world, a gold star family is the designation given to the immediate family members of a service member that have been killed in combat. Her husband was KIA 12 years ago in Iraq. Glorygrace managed to be strong for herself and her five children. She went back to school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant.

Glorygrace still works as a full time PTA. Recently, she has taken her love for helping others with movement and is finishing her degree in Health and Wellness while re-certifying as a personal trainer. If that wasn’t enough she is also an active wear consultant for Zyia. Her business is focused on inspiring those to have health and active lifestyle that will promote an overall well-being.

The business name “Courageous Strength” was born from her struggles and strength gained from her grief.  With such a powerful story, we knew we had to create an impactful brand strategy and identity.

Brand Strategy + Visual Inspiration

We pride ourselves on being methodical and intentional with our designs here at Olive Fox Design. With that we start with creating a brand strategy and visual moodboard. This helps us to organize our brainstorming and thoughts.

For Glorygrace it was important that we convey her strength in a feminine way. We took inspiration from the bright red poppies (a traditional symbol of remembrance) and coral hued pinks used in the activewear collection. To round out the monochromatic color palette we used a nice warm gray. Don’t you agree this color palette fits the bill of bold yet feminine?

Brand Design + Execution

After we created the brand strategy and the visual inspiration it was time to dive into the designs. Glorygrace has a lot of plans going forward so it was important that we keep the logo flexible. We started with illustrating the kettlebell with wings icon. After some font tweaking and color play – there you have it! The intriguing logo that reads inspiring and strong for Courageous Strength.

Since branding isn’t all about a logo, we also provided Glorygrace with a style guide. This short PDF guide provides her color codes, font combinations and tips for usage. We also created a few templates to get her all set up for easy recognition within the Instagram feed. What do you think of how it turned out?

There you have it the perfect strong and feminine logo for the fitness company Courageous Strength. Head over to Instagram to connect and get inspired by Glorygrace.

Like What You See?

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