Fun + Professional Brand Design for Queen City Counseling and Consulting

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The Brand Design Client

Shortly after Olive Fox Design opened shop, I had a casual request from my brother to give my opinion on stock logos to use for his wife’s upcoming business launch. I don’t think he was quite prepared for the not so subtle rant on how I couldn’t let her and her partners launch a business with an out of the box DIY brand.

Amy, Ashley, and Ellen have been professionals in the mental health community and had a dream to serve the greater Charlotte community with a unique approach to adolescent counseling and trauma therapy. The goal of Queen City Counseling is to not only strengthen and heal the individual, but strengthen the bond between parent and teen through family check-in meetings. We were delighted to work with these wonderful women to create a brand identity that thoughtfully reflects their business.

Brand Strategy + Visual Inspiration

We pride ourselves on being methodical and intentional here at Olive Fox Design. With that we start with creating a brand strategy and visual moodboard. This helps us to organize our brainstorming and thoughts.

QC Counseling wanted to make sure to convey a fun, light-hearted and welcoming environment. To achieve this we took inspiration from bright and funky rainbow colors. That search brought up a LOT of delicious looking desserts. After a detour to cure our sweet tooth, we came back to creating the visual images maintaining the bright colors and focusing on various shades of teal.

Brand Design + Execution

After we created the brand strategy and the visual inspiration it was time to dive into the designs. With QC Counseling’s family approach to therapy, it was important that we appeal to both their clients aged 13-21 and their parents. To balance out the bright and funky color palate we used clean lines and classic fonts to convey the professionalism.

For the logo design, we combined the idea of community and a nod to their name and location of Queen City. The end result was their versatile crown logo.

Since branding isn’t all about a logo, we also provided QC with a with a style guide. This guide provides her color codes, font combinations and tips for usage. They provided this to their web designer who was able to seamlessly understand their brand identity and have that shine through the website. What do you think of how it turned out?

There you have it the perfect fun, light hearted and professional brand identity for Queen City Counseling & Consulting. Learn more about their services (plus check out their adorable therapy dog) on their website.

Like What You See?

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