Bold + Feminine Brand Design for Run Lift Mom

The Contents

The Client

When fellow army military spouse, Suzy, came to me in January (yes- I am seriously behind on blogging these brand reveals) to work on her upcoming podcast, I was beyond excited! If you have watched my stories on Instagram you know I am an avid podcast listener.

Run Lift Mom has launched and is seriously a great listen. I am not a runner, lifter or mom but I still find there are always takeaways I can apply to my own life. Suzy has a knack for weaving in relevant tips or topics that keep the conversation light yet informative.

Brand Strategy and Visual Inspiration

Back from my tangent- we pride ourselves on being methodical and intentional with our designs here at Olive Fox Design. With that we start with creating a brand strategy and visual moodboard. This helps us to organize our brainstorming and thoughts.

For Suzy it was important that we convey her strength in a feminine and approachable way. We took inspiration from the deep mauve red lipsticks and the dusty pink used in the Zyia activewear collection. To balance out the pink and marsala we paired with two shades of gray. Don’t you agree this color palette fits the bill of bold yet feminine?

Brand Design and Execution

After we created the brand strategy and the visual inspiration it was time to dive into the designs. The primary usage of the Run Lift Mom logo is for the podcast icon. We created a text focus design to help catch the eye of those scrolling through the podcast app. Suzy is also a representative for Zyia Activewear and it was important to her that we work the moon design into her logo. After some font tweaking and color play – there you have it! The perfect bold yet feminine logo for Run Lift Mom.

Since branding isn’t all about a logo, we also provided Suzy with a style guide. This guide provides her color codes, font combinations and tips for usage. We also created a new facebook banner to help with the transition between her old brand name and new brand name. Side note- It was really hard for me to be the secret keeper of her new name change, but she switched over it even surprised me! What do you think of how it turned out?

There you have it the perfect bold and feminine logo for the new podcast Run Lift Mom. Seriously, go have a listen and connect with Suzy on Instagram.

Like What You See?

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