Color Inspiration | Island Tropical

The Contents

Before we start on any project big or small, we dive into planning each of the 7 (yes seven!) design elements. Color is one of the design elements that sets the stage for projects. Every color has it’s own story and mood on it’s own. Combining multiple colors together we are able to visually tell a more complex story and begin to bring projects to life!

The Project

A fellow milspouse and one of our custom design is about to rebrand her Instagram to share her inspirational words. We created highlight covers and editable text templates for her to easily share her beautiful words. She has a bright and sunny personality and is inspired by the island of Hawaii. We used calming blues and teals as a base for the palette and built it out from there with navy. To provide a pop of excitement and fun we added in a bright pineapple gold!

The Color Pallete

How can you use these colors?

Color Picker

Many creative programs (Adobe Suite, Procreate, etc) have a color picker or color grab tool. Download the image above and use the tool to snag these exact colors in your own project.

Hex Codes

Alternatively, the hex codes for each of these colors are listed below so you can quickly copy and paste.






We hope you find this color combination inspiring! Do you have plans to use these colors? I would love to hear about your project in the comments below!

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