How Working With An Enneagram 1 Designer Can Help You

If you are looking for help with your branding but aren’t sure how we could work together, why not take an enneagram test and see how working with a type 1 designer will be beneficial to you!

Because type ones are dedicated and focused on making the world better they can be your roadmap and clarity. They can help you differently depending on your own enneagram so read on to find if a type one designer is the best fit for you. 

If you’re not sure what your enneagram is, we recommend starting by taking this free test here and then taking the time to dive into the enneagram to confirm the results.

Type 1 Business Owner with Type 1 Designer

While it may at first seem like working with a designer who is too similar to you would be hard it actually makes it incredibly simple. They will understand and support the causes you care about deeply and will be responsible and trustworthy. 

Type 2 Entrepreneur with Type 1 Designer

If you are a type two a type one designer is a huge help because they bring a steadiness and reliability that will set you at ease. They will provide a clear roadmap that makes it easy to understand the direction and how your business can succeed. 

Type 3 Entrepreneur with Type 1 Designer

As a type three enneagram, you can sometimes get a little too perfectionistic and idealistic. A type 1 designer can help you to succeed in your business by being a grounding wire and combining your ideas with the reality of your industry which will help bring you to shining success. 

Type 4 Business Owner with Type 1 Designer

An enneagram type one designer can be a huge help for a type one client because they provide balance and structure. They are also incredibly effective as sounding boards with clarity and wisdom for complex situations. 

Type 5 Entrepreneur with Type 1 Designer

As a type 5 it is absolutely amazing to work with an enneagram  type 1 because they logic and order to what can sometimes be a bit chaotic. They also help to show your sense of altruism in a deeper way. 

Type 6 Business Owner with Type 1 Designer

When you are a type 6 you can really benefit from the partnership of a designer who is a type 1 because they bring both logic and elegance which can elevate your brand into a whole new stratus. You also also will feel a deeper sense of peace with a 1 because they are dedicated and reliable. 

Type 7 Entrepreneur with Type 1 Designer

Type sevens will notice that working with a type one makes things much simpler by helping to streamline from a range of options to a solid direction that is effective and achievable. They can also help to bring idealism and purpose to your business and help you to find your “why”. 

Type 8 Business Owner with Type 1 Designer

You can see that for an enneagram type 8 it is a huge help to have someone at your side who feels similarly to you in changing the world for the better. They can help you to be even more effective by adding constraints and direction. It is often also beneficial because the type 8s admire the fact that they can’t just run over the type 1s. 

Type 9 Business Owner with Type 1 Designer

As a type 9 you will love how a type 1 designer is able to bring focus and clarity to your goals and purpose. They can help you to strive for excellence in the moments when you feel you can’t by inspiring you and showing how powerful you are. 

So why choose a type 1 designer?

To put it simply, no matter which type you are, you will love the structure and clarity that an enneagram type 1 designer will bring. 

And to learn more about hiring a type one designer to elevate your brand the level check out our strategic services here

What enneagram type do you associate with? Do you have any type ones in your life currently? Love to hear your answers in the comments below!

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