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Our family moved to Colorado Springs in December 2019. At first, I wasn’t going to attend the January Tuesday’s together meeting because I figured there would be plenty of them. (Jokes on me!) I am so glad I decided to go and put myself out there because this is where I connected with Kayla of Maple Wild Marketing.

Since that meeting, we’ve started having regular coffee co-working sessions PLUS we’ve explored a lot of the trails around Colorado. I was delighted when she asked me to be a guest on her podcast More Coffee, Less Drama. Her podcast is another quick listen jam-packed with practical advice (like Serve, Then Sell Podcast). Kayla shares tips, caffeine and all this marketing for creative entrepreneurs.

On the “Branding with Intention” episode we discuss:

  • What branding is and why it’s important for small businesses.
  • Common misconceptions about branding.
  • What makes a good brand.
  • The cost behind professional branding and the value behind it.
  • Resources to tap into as a small business on a budget.

Grab your favorite cup of coffee and listen to the episode on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or GooglePodcasts,

If you’ve listened to the episode and are interested in the free download of the Color and Type Guide – visit this page!

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