Featured: Season 5 of Serve, Then Sell

According to the podcast player I use most often I’ve logged 996 hours and 9 minutes in podcasts- so it’s safe to say I’m no stranger to podcasts. However, I had never been ON a podcast- until now. I’m one to dive into the deep end and not dip my toe in. Which is exactly what I did for my first experience as a guest. Instead of recording one episode, I was a guest of an entire season of Serve, Then Sell with Suzy Goodwin.

Episode 5.1: Direct Sales, Brand Strategy, & Graphic Design with Tara Cochran of Olive Fox Design

In the first episode of the series Suzy and I share a bit about how our relationship has evolved, how I help entrepreneurs with brand strategy, and we talk through why you should bring on a third party to help with your graphic design needs.

Episode 5.2: Typography, Color Theory, & File Type Basics with Olive Fox Design

Then we dove into some basic graphic design knowledge, file types and some tool recomendations. To download the free Color and Type Guide – visit this page!

Episode 5.3: How to Create Graphics that Expand Your Brand with Olive Fox Design

In episode 3 Suzy and I touched on how to expand your brand using the power of sharable graphics, watermarks, and even touched on when to use filters!

Episode 5.4: Making Changes to Your Personal Brand with Tara Cochran of Olive Fox Design

This episode goes into changing your brand. Should you do a brand refresh, pivot or change? Tune into this episode to talk about the differences.

Episode 5.5: Expansion Strategies for Direct Sales with Olive Fox Design

After you have solid brand clarity and personality (if you want to learn more about my brand framework click here) you can start to connect with your ideal audience. In this episode, we focus on that third part of the brand formula and talk about lead magnets, email strategy, and when it’s time for your own website.


I hope you enjoyed listening to the series and gained insightful tips that you can take forward as you build out your brand. To download the free Color and Type Guide – visit this page!

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