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Best Podcasts for Military Entrepreneurs

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In 2018 I moved to the Fort Bragg area where my husband is stationed, but I forgot to bring my job with me. I went from my much loved 15 minute walking commute to a 55+ minute car commute. In order to maximize that time, I listen to a LOT of podcasts across a lot of genres.

Here are my favorite podcasts to listen to when I am looking for some business tips or inspiration from those who understand first hand the unique opportunities and challenges that come along with being a part of a military family.

Drop and Give Me Twenty Podcast

In Her Own Words

“Each episode is 20 minutes long, giving entrepreneurs a glimpse into the life of other successful military entrepreneurs—learning from their obstacles, and gaining insight and inspiration. Podcast episodes focus on the stories, challenges, and wins military entrepreneurs have faced in their businesses.

Sit back and listen to their personal stories. You have 20 minutes to listen…we have 20 minutes to deliver.”

Why I Listen

I love that the host Lindsay, President and Founder of Germono Advertising Company, gets right into it. Even with the short format she manages to get insightful dialogue with military business owners. I love getting a glimpse behind the scenes of other businesses with owners that have military backgrounds! There are also mini-series that have great actionable items on narrow topics to jumpstart your business.

Great Listens
The Closing Podcast Question + My Response

If you could give a piece of advice to listeners who are active duty or a military spouse and own a business or are thinking of starting a business, what would it be?

I would say break everything down into bite sized chunks and get started on what you want to accomplish. Especially when starting out everything can feel so overwhelming, but taking it in small little steps helps move everything forward. Looking back a year ago, I am so happy that I had faith in myself and started with the small blocks that eventually led to building Olive Fox Design!

Brilliant Business Moms

In Her Own Words

“The podcast for moms with brilliant business dreams bigger than their hearts can hold. Tune in each week for practical business advice from Mamapreneurs just like you! From marketing to shipping to creation and ideation, the Brilliant Business Moms podcast tells all! Now go tell your kiddo to finish up her homework, we’ve got your back 😉”

Why I Listen

No we do not have kids- and this podcast is aimed at moms. This is on my military entrepreneurs list because the host, Beth Anne, started her business while her husband was active duty. I found that the brilliant business mom’s interviewed have wonderful tips for working in the margins- something that most military entrepreneurs also have to do!

Great Listens
The Closing Podcast Question + My Response

Do you have either a funny or adorable mom moment you can share?

This cat mama has a ton of adorable moments of her fluff ball, but I’ll share her funny habits. She will miss jumping up onto something every now and then. In true diva fashion, she will just saunter away from the scene of the accident like it didn’t happen.

The Business Bites Podcast with Rachel Brenke

In Her Own Words

” The Business Bites Podcast® is a short-format podcast where busy entrepreneurs find quick & valuable education. The goal is to grow your business in 10 minutes an episode. Including topics on legal, business, marketing and strategy. Don’t put off business education due to lack of time. “

Why I Listen

Have you noticed a common theme in the military business podcasts I like to listen to? I love podcasts that get to the point and have actionable tips. Rachel is a practicing lawyer, the founder of several niche legal businesses and a spouse to an army veteran. She knows her stuff and delivers it in a straightforward fashion that motivates me to make sure I am taking care of the “admin” side of my business.

Great Listens
The Closing Podcast Question + My Response

n/a – Rachel dives right in and packs the episodes with actionable tips right to the end

Are you an avid podcast listener? I would love to hear your experience with these military entrepreneur podcasts listed or if you have any other business podcasts I should check out!

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