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Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada | Duty Station Spotlight

about the series

Each time I make a duty station print, I find myself researching the installation and wondering what it is like to live there.  The Duty Station Spotlight Series provides first hand insight into duty stations around the US (and world) and was born out of my curiosity and inclination to research everything. Each post in the series is a q&a with a military family member who has experienced the community first hand. Our hope is if you PCSing to a location or already settled that the articles provide you with a bit of guidance and some gems around town!

Interested in contributing your own experience for this spotlight series?    Head over to the Duty Station Q&A to submit your experience for consideration in our spotlight series.

PCSing to Nellis Air Force Base? An Air Force Family stationed at Nellis AFB shares their experience and favorite spots! |

Did your family just get orders to PCS to Nellis Air Force? Doing a bit of anticipatory research on where the Air Force might be sending your family next?

Our contributor for this weeks post in the Duty Station Spotlight series is from Tia Prevo of Dependent.Work She and her family have been stationed at Nellis AFB since November 2016.

In a hurry? Click the section below to jump to the section that interest you the most.



What first ran through your head when you found out you were moving to Nellis AFB?

We were stationed in Arizona and that is our home state, so I was okay with moving to Las Vegas because it was close. I really wanted to go to Florida closer to my brother, so I was bummed we didn’t get the location I had planned in my head (literally rolling my eyes at myself), but I was overall okay with moving the Vegas.

I am sure you are not the only one who has a location planned in their minds. Everytime I start day dreaming about the location I have in my mind for our upcoming PCS I remind myself to snap out of it.


Now that you have been living there for 3 years do you still have the same impression of Nellis Air Force Base?

Now that we live here, I wish we lived in a different area. We came to Vegas for house hunting which 4 days and after seeing at least 30 houses it was hard to know which was up from down. Now that I have lived here for 2 years I have noticed that because Vegas is a small valley even in the suburbs it is urban unless you live in Henderson or Summerlin. I do still enjoy that we are close to Arizona – we have visitors from home at every other month which help with the homesickness.

Picking a location quickly is so hard!


What did you do to prepare for moving to the duty station?

We came out for a 4 day house hunting trip. Our Relator is Kevin Ekus.

What are your must have items to set up for success at this duty station?

It is cooler in the winter that people believe. It gets super windy and we are only 45 minutes from snow. Don’t get rid of all of your jackets!


Do you live on base, own a home or rent elsewhere?

The market right now it hot in Vegas because of the new Raiders stadium coming in. We did buy our house, but that was before the market started climbing here. If you aren’t planning on living here long term I would suggest renting or living on base because the housing prices are climbing.


Is Nellis AFB easy to get to?

Yes, there is an international airport 40 minutes from Nellis AFB.

How do you get around on a day to day basis?

I know there is public transportation here but I drive around town. The big industry here is Hospitality and getting to the strip can be a mess during rush hour.


Each of the locations around Nellis Air Force Base described below have been plotted on this google map. You can use the filters below to show only the locations you are interested in or open in google maps to save for later!



What is your favorite spot to grab a coffee at this duty station?

Illumilatte Brew Society is a cool hipster coffee place. I enjoy going when I don’t have my kids and pretend to be young and carefree!


Is brunch a big deal around the duty station’s town? If so, where is your favorite spot and what do you order off the menu?

It’s Vegas – you can get any and all food your heart desires. Off strip Vegas is like any other city with chain restaurant, but there are some unique food options. Endless Mimosa Brunch Buffet are nice.


Whats the best spot for having a lunch?

SkinnyFATS is a fun quick eats place for lunch – you can eat healthy or happy!


What is your go to place to grab dessert?

There is this place a called Fluff Ice which is amazing! Vegas is really into snow cones!


When you managed to align schedules to go out for a date with your husband, where are you headed?

Hands down favorite date night spot is the Grotto at the Golden Nugget.


Where is the best spot to grab a drink?

No law restrictions – on the strip you can drink all night long. My husband said his favorite drink he has had so far was an Old Fashion at the Cut by Wolfgang Puck.



Where is your favorite place to work up a sweat?

Really I love my Y. It’s close and the staff are friendly and nice.


Are there any nearby outdoor recreation areas you like to visit?

Red Rocks hiking trails and Spring Preserves


If your family had to dream up the perfect outing together in your area, where are you headed?

Discovery Children Museum three stories of interactive learning for kids.
Seaquest is an interactive aquarium.
Lol Kid’s Club is a high indoor jungle gym.


Where is your go to place if the weather is calling for rain?

The strip 🙂 there is so much to do and see!


Are there any local museums you like to visit around your duty station or in nearby towns?

MOB museum is cool to learn about the history of Vegas. The Smith Center is a great place to see traveling broadway shows and they have a cool jazz venue.

Bonnie Springs is the old town Vegas – they have a petty zoo and during the summer host play in the park.

Nellis is home to the Thunderbirds and there is a museum on base.


What would you say to a military family who just received orders and is doing the frantic google search to learn all the things!

Reach out to Key Spouse of your unit – I am a Key Spouse and we love to give this same information or find out information to make the adjustment a little easier.

Also, Nellis has almost every airplane you would want to see. The base itself is cool when it comes to that.

Have you been stationed at Nellis Air Force Base? We would love to hear about your favorites around town! Let us know your experience stationed here in the comments below!

PCSing to Nellis Air Force Base? An Air Force Family stationed at Nellis AFB shares their experience and favorite spots! |
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Tia Prevo founded Dependent.Work . The mission behind Dependent.Work is to give Military Spouses the opportunity to continue their careers while supporting their Service Member and the Military Mission. This is achieved through education, connections and awareness. You can connect and join the Dependent.Work community on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

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