BRITE Initiative


brand + subbrand design


transparent, hopeful, recognizable

The Project

I spent a lot of my time as an auditor in the not-for-profit space, so I have familiarity with the complexities of the space. For the BRITE Initiative, we created a brand that connects to both the donors and recipients- one that has clear typography and iconography.

We revamped a key part of their existing brand- the Haitian kerosene lamp, to help with brand recognition for a smooth transition. Scroll below to see a slider of the before and after! 

I carried the rich, warm color palette, clear bold typography, and flame icon from the lamp throughout the brand and sub-brands. 

fire brick

Subbrand Easter Eggs

Within each of the subbrands icons, I have incorporated a nod to the BRITE brand. Can you spot the BRITE flame within each?

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