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dynamic, energetic, supportive

The Intensive

The H6 Fitness brand intensive week started out with utilizing my business background. We dove in depth into Emily’s new brand strategy- including developing categories and a visual aid for the layers of people her brand interacts with.

Then we shifted into the design phase bringing to life the cheerful and compassionate brand. In addition to her submarks, we designed a circular stamp to provide a quick visual context to her brand name. My favorite part just might be the H6 barbell icon, because we packed in multiple easter eggs (click here to see what they are!). In addition to the brand manual, and graphic files, I provided her with a template for her sub-brands. This sets up the H6 brand for success as they grow!

golden sun ray
blush and flush
silver barbell

Before working with Tara, I kept holding myself back from being what I aspire to be as a person and entrepreneur. Tara was able to hold my hand and guide me through business and internal hang-ups. I feel confident in my vision, mission, and ability to provide an upgraded experience to my ideal client.

Emily Smerka

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