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I’ve got you! My signature packages are created specifically with the small business owner, side hustler (I call it “the third shift”—I was one!), and entrepreneur in mind. Whether you need confidence in the next steps to take in your business, are unsure if anybody could ever organize all the ideas you have swirling around in your head, or desire a trail guide to design and lay out the path to branding success, I’m here for you. 

I’m ready to partner with you as a trusted advisor and strategist to create a cohesive brand that grows with your business.

Become confident in your brand personality to connect with your audience

Ever need a second opinion of your business that’s not from your mom? Frustrated with not knowing if your brand is connecting with your audience? Or maybe you’re stressed because you hit rock bottom with creative ideas to build a lasting impression on your clients.

I help you gain momentum and direction with 1-on-1 consulting. You’ll walk away with brand personality + connection action steps you can implement right away. This unique service is perfect for the business owner who is confident in managing your own brand but needs a trusted advisor to point out areas of growth… and to celebrate those wins!

Gain clarity in your brand strategy to grow your business

If you’re like so many entrepreneurs and small business owners that I work with, you’re probably tired of wasting your valuable time figuring out how to market your business. Maybe you’re even annoyed and a bit scared that you aren’t fully engaging with your audience or building brand recognition.  

A brand strategy provides clarity so you have a clear roadmap for success. I put on my auditor hat (yes, I was a former auditor!) to create a go-to-resource that you can use to guide your business with confidence.

Take your business to the next level with a cohesive brand identity

Ever cringe when you hand out your business card? You are in love with your business but not so much your branding…it kind of resembles a cut-and-paste kindergarten craft with glitter and puff balls exploding off the glue-soaked paper. It means well, but you won’t get many sales or audience engagements from it.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or it’s time to retire your DIY brand, you’ll receive a stunning brand package with my Brand Identity service that you can use in every communications and business avenue. Think of this as the classic logo and color palette deliverables… but soaked in design rocket fuel. Or in this case, it’s rocket fuel that’s immersed in strategy and knowledge-based design. 

Because you need more than just a pretty logo.

Attract and convert your audience with a powerful website

Picture this…a garden flourishing with colorful flowers, a white porch swing, and an inviting glass of ice tea (or wine, craft beer, lemonade—you pick!) with a platter of cheese and crackers. Pretty inviting, right? 

Your website is just like that white porch swing gently swaying in the breeze—it invites your audience to enter into a conversation with your brand. It communicates that they have landed in a safe space that will solve their pain. Your website is your first impression, your sales person, your marketing director, and potentially your biggest time saver. Let’s create a thoughtful and unique website that will impress your audience and grow your ROI.

Not sure what you need to take your business to the next level?

Trust in my expertise so that you can focus on yours. Reach out to me today, and I’ll recommend the best way we can work together to create a meaningful brand.

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